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Increase your target group with an additional value by the ERGO-FRIENDLY Certificate.
Ergonomic muscle-bone disorders are the fastest growing among all the categories of diseases. They account for 56% of all diseases, and 90% of the population have frequent spinal problems. Show your customers that you take care of their back, shoulders, neck, ankles ...
Call our team to make a short ergonomic assessment. In order to obtain a certificate, it is necessary that the equipment, the interior of your hotel (restaurant, café…) or your product meet at least 50% of the ergonomic principles and standards.

What are the benefits?
- By obtaining ergonomic analysis and certificate you become an International ERGO-FRIENDLY member and you have the right to use the certificate and logo in your own marketing purposes.
- The analysis was carried out by a neutral expert team of ergonomists.
- The certificate is a valuable instrument for increasing your customers' loyalty. It shows that you care about their health.
- You distinguish yourself from the competition.
- You get new customers in a new way.

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Budite korak ispred drugih... Postanite član ERGO-FRIENDLY.

Koji su benefiti?
  • Internacional ERGO-FRIENDLY member ima pravo da koristi logo u svoje marketinšte svrhe. 
  • Članstvo je dragocen instrument za povećanje lojalnosti Vaših gostiju/kupaca/klijenata. Pokazuje da Vi brinete o njihovom zdravlju.
  • Da se razlikujete od konkurencije.
  • Da na jedan nov način pridobijete nove klijente.
  • Da Vam dodatno reklamiramo na društvenim mrežama.

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